The Beginning: Developing A Homegrown Brand
"Juice Shack is as local and home grown as you can get." - Co-Founder Brian Dingman
Brian was born in Santa Rosa and graduated from Healdsburg High School.

Juice Shack co-founders Brian Dingman and Doug Randolph, first met as students at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo in the early 1990's.

During college, Dingman (a Sonoma County native), noticed they had a lot in common. They both shared a passion for the local juice bar and a quest to find quick, healthy, high energy meals to fit into their busy school schedules. Being from the 'connoisseur culture' of Sonoma's wine country also helped form their unique approach.

On the Road
After graduating in 1994, the two decided to go into business together and create their own, unique juice bar concept rather than purchase an existing franchise. They spent a year doing research visiting juice bars throughout California.

They quickly came to the realization that most shops lacked a professional environment, provided poor service, and most importantly, served flavorless smoothies –in other words, a huge void left for them to fill.

"We wanted to separate our brand from the small "mom and pop" style juice bars from the beginning – but we also wanted to avoid being too corporate and impersonal," says Brian.

As a result, the duo decided on the perfect combination – a neighborhood juice shop where you could get the finest quality smoothies and juices, and consistent customer service in a vibrant atmosphere, every time.

Combining their passion as creative entrepreneurs, as well their degrees in Architecture (Brian) and Industrial Technology (Doug), they set out to design, plan, and build the Juice Shack stores themselves (right down to the plumbing).

After months of preparation, construction and parental support (not to mention blending hundreds of smoothie recipes to arrive at the initial 15 smoothies), Brian and Doug were ready to open their very first Juice Shack.

Our First Customer: October 21, 1995
On the morning October 21, 1995, Brian and Doug opened their first location across from Santa Rosa Junior College in Santa Rosa, California. And waited.

Almost 30 minutes passed before the first customer strolled in and bought a Rebel Berry smoothie (little did he know he picked a drink that later became Juice Shack’s most popular smoothie). Juice Shack was now in business - and has been packed ever since.

7 Locations and Counting

Juice Shack now has 7 locations throughout Sonoma County: 4 in Santa Rosa, 2 in Rohnert Park, 1 in Petaluma, with more on the way.